The Creighton House Attic

Built in 1847, The Creighton House has always been home to the Creighton family. Alexander Creighton built the house for his new bride, Amelia.

Now, many generations later, the house is a Bed & Breakfast owned and operated by their distant granddaughter, Verdie.

Lately, things have been a bit slow. Some blame the economy but locals know the real reason is due to rumors that the house is haunted.

Guests often vanish in the dead of the night; in such a hurry to get out, they leave their luggage behind.  If someone does manage to make it through the night, they certainly don’t stay for a second night. When asked why, all they’ll say is the place is haunted.

Neighbors report seeing strange lights in the attic and hearing bizarre noises at all hours of the day and night.

And then there’s Great-Aunt Verdie. Seems like you can recall someone mentioning her a very long time ago but you’re not quite sure how you’re related and honestly didn’t even know she was still alive.

Since she’s getting up in years, she can’t possibly manage the B&B for much longer. Per the legal trust, the estate must be passed on to someone in the direct blood line. Since she’s never married or had children, Verdie has named you heir. She’s invited you and your friends to come stay for a weekend so she can introduce you to her home.

The day you arrive, you find the house deserted. There is a note on the table letting you know that Aunt Verdie had to run a few errands but she’ll be back shortly. You and your group should make yourselves comfortable.
After you put your suitcase in your room, you hear a loud thud from somewhere above you.

Peering out of your bedroom, you notice your friends are standing in the hallway. Clearly, they heard the crash too.

There’s a door at the end of the hallway. That must be the way to the attic.

Your crew climbs upstairs, boards creaking the entire way to the top. As you open the door, you see nothing; it’s nearly pitch black inside. Still, you feel compelled to go in.

Tentatively, you step into the room and the door suddenly slams shut! Voices echo around you, “One hour! Just one hour to escape… or stay forever.”

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