That whisper of air on the back of your neck… was it the wind or the breath of someone, something, behind you?

The eerie feeling that you’re not entirely alone… is it your mind playing tricks on you or is someone watching in the darkness?

That random shiver that goes up your spine… is it just a chill or has something run over your grave?

Come play with us and experience Dread at Amelia Island Escape Rooms.


Dread is a spooky game played entirely in the dark.

The object of the game is to escape the room – if you can locate a door.

This game is not recommended for small children as parents will not be able to see them.

Waiver Required.  You’ll need to fill out a special waiver to play Dread (yes, it’s that scary!)  You can download it here and have it filled out when you arrive to save some time: Special Dread Player Waiver If not, we’ll have one waiting for you when you arrive.