Tiger Island

You are Dr. Illinois Smith, a Florida archaeologist that’s spent decades researching the history of French and Spanish colonization of North Florida. Recently, you’ve uncovered the story of Franklin Benjamin Mattair, an early 20th Century collector of antiquities. Mattair was believed to have found a lost Timucuan treasure on Tiger Island before a tragic snake bite ended his life and he ever had a chance to return to civilization. You have set out to finish what Mr. Mattair started and bring back the idol of lore.

Unfortunately, as you began roaming the forest on the island, Mattair’s fate has repeated itself and you have been savagely bitten by one of the indigenous Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnakes. You are beginning to feel the effects of the venom. What little medical knowledge you have tells you that you probably don’t have much time to find anti-venom or you are cursed to suffer the same fate as your predecessor. If you can cure yourself, you might have enough time left to find the idol as well. Hurry, the venom is coursing through your veins.