Greybeard’s Treasure

Take a step back in time…

The year is 1819 and Florida has just been acquired by the United States from Spain. Few pirates still sail the waters off Florida, but those who do are a formidable lot. One of these such pirates is known as Captain Slightly Greybeard.

A peculiar sort of fellow, he is immediately suspicious of everyone who isn’t a pirate. Most avoid him if possible because he can be tricky to deal with and downright dangerous if he thinks someone is after his treasure.

Being the untrusting, superstitious sort, legend has it Captain Slightly Greybeard received his unusual moniker because his worry over someone stealing his treasure was so great, it caused his hair to begin turning slightly grey before he reached the age of twenty.

Common-sense folk say his family name is Greybeard and his mother gave him the unfortunate name of “Slightly” as a jest. Many agree this is the most likely reason for his nickname since none know his true birth name.

Captain Greybeard trolls the coast at the helm of his ship, The Ariadne. Named for the Greek “Mistress of the Labyrinth”, she is well-known to be laden with traps, puzzles, secret doors, and hidden passages built by Greybeard himself to keep his treasure safe. Many a deckhand has found himself floating in the Atlantic because he accidentally opened a trap door beneath his feet.

As for the treasure, sailors say they’ve only heard of it but no one has ever laid eyes upon it. At least, no one who has lived to tell the tale.

Even though you and your group knew The Ariadne could be nearby and were warned to stay away, you still booked passage aboard a small merchant vessel to the Port of Fernandina on Amelia Island.

Just as you saw the island coming into view, the lookout sounded a warning bell. A great ship loomed off the port bow. Even from a distance, you could see the flag she was flying. A grey flag with a black and red spider in the center could only be one pirate; Captain Slightly Greybeard.

The merchant vessel was boarded by pirates who shackled and imprisoned everyone aboard. The crew was taken to the brig while you and your friends were taken directly to the captain’s quarters.

Now you find yourself here, shackled together and awaiting your audience with Captain Slightly Greybeard.

He isn’t known for his patience or generosity. It is highly doubtful he’ll be in a forgiving mood; it’s quite likely you’ll walk the plank, especially since you’re not a pirate.

Do you take your chances with the captain? Or can you find a way to escape before the captain returns?

Before you decide, remember the tales about The Ariadne being full of puzzles, traps, and hidden doors. She’s also rumored to be full of treasure…

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