Waiver Form

You will be asked to sign this waiver agreement (or one very similar to this agreement) at the venue before you can start your experience.  This document is provided on the website so that you can review our general terms beforehand.

Waiver and release of all claims (including negligence):
In consideration for use of the facility, I waive and release Amelia Island Escape Rooms LLC (AIER), its agents, servants, employees, insurers, successors and assigns from all claims, demands, causes of action, damages or suits at law and equity of whatsoever kind, including but not limited to claims for personal injury, property damage, medical expenses, loss of services, on account of or in any way related to or growing out of my presence at the facility or use of the facility and/or equipment.

This waiver and release is intended to and does release Amelia Island Escape Rooms from any and all liability for damages or injuries on account of or in any way related to or growing out of my negligence, the negligence of third parties and AIER’s negligence, including but not limited to negligence in the construction, maintenance and upkeep of the facility and its equipment, negligence in training or negligence in supervision.

I further covenant and agree not to institute any claims or legal action against Amelia Island Escape Rooms for any claim released by this Agreement. I further agree that should any claim be made against Amelia Island Escape Rooms in contravention of this Agreement, including but not limited to derivative claims, I will protect, defend and completely indemnify (reimburse) Amelia Island Escape Rooms for any such claim and expenses including attorney’s fees and costs incurred by Amelia Island Escape Rooms in defending themselves or security indemnity hereunder.

I certify that I understand this activity has potential risks including but not limited to:

  • Use of simple tools;
  • Potentially moving or lifting objects of not more than twenty pounds;
  • Mental stress and anxiety;
  • Being in a reasonably small space with several other people;
  • Potentially crawling through openings;
  • Possibility of failure to win the game in the allotted time.

I understand that Amelia Island Escape Rooms is not responsible for any lost or stolen valuables or property from within the facility.

While at the facility, I agree to conduct myself in a responsible manner and will refrain from engaging in inappropriate conduct, including the use of loud, foul, slanderous language or any intimidating or offensive conduct that would interfere with the peaceful use and enjoyment of the facility by other users.
I acknowledge that I will fully comply with all rules and regulations and with any amendments governing the use of the facility.

Photos: From time to time, photos will be taken and are included in our marketing materials (including, but not limited to, our website, Facebook page, fliers, and advertisements). By signing this agreement you give Amelia Island Escape Rooms permission to use group photographs and videos which may include your image and video footage.

I understand there is audio and video monitoring and recording in every room, and consent that it is okay.
I agree not to reveal details of the game including puzzles, secrets, answers to riddles, hidden objects, codes or any other attribute related to game-play in any public forum including websites, social media, blogs, review sites, videos or any other media.

Asset damage: I understand that nothing in the game rooms or anywhere on the property is intended to be damaged. I agree that I am liable for any and all damage to props, electronics, pictures, furniture, doors, windows, flooring, walls, the ceiling and all other items and structures that occur due to negligence during my stay.
I have read this Agreement and understand that by signing the Agreement I have consented to be bound by its terms, including the waiver/release of any legal right I may have to sue Amelia Island Escape Rooms for any costs they incur because a claim or legal action is brought in violation of this Agreement. I agree any violation of the Agreement and its terms and conditions, as determined by Amelia Island Escape Rooms, will void and terminate this Agreement and may result in loss of the ability to use the facility without refund.