Library of Secrets

Players are mercenaries who have been hired to break into the library of a local author who is writing a book about government conspiracies. Players must retrieve the manuscript without being detected.

A top-secret computer in a top-secret government facility was recently hacked. We received information that the hack originated in the home of local writer Ima Apati. Rumor has it that Apati’s latest book will be about government cover-ups and conspiracy theories. For obvious reasons, we don’t want that information falling into the wrong hands.

Our intelligence tells us that Apati has already written the manuscript for the book, so time is of the essence. Our agent has found a way to get you into Apati’s library. All you need to do is locate the manuscript and return it to us. The catch is we have no idea where the manuscript might be. It’s probably well-hidden and won’t be easy to find.

Also, you only have an hour to get in, locate the manuscript, and get out, as there is a security company that patrols the premises every hour. We don’t want Apati to know we’re on to him so you must not be detected. If you’re caught – we’ve never heard of you. Good luck, mercenaries! You’re gonna need it!

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